Now that I've have gotten the pleasantries' out of the way, how are you lovely folks doing? If you have peeped my blog the last few days then you'll notice I have been rehabbing it and testing wider layout styles.  This new theme in all of it's cute bubblegum pink glory is actually inspired by admittedly, Drake's 'Hotline Bling' artwork. I mean it's catchy (thanks to D.R.A.M's 'cha cha' sample) and Drake's melodic lament adds such a great touch to a otherwise (lyrically) depressing song. lol This super pink layout is a huge departure from my monotone, monochromatic styles and I cannot believe I actually dig it. *eek*

I have also installed the disqus commenting system. I like the fact that it adjust itself to my blog's ui which is a nice departure from Google's horrid commenting syle.

My Rin's seventh birthday is this Friday, and  Los and I have been scrambling to get all odds and ends straight for her party this weekend. It's at the trampoline park that she loves so I'm hoping that pounds of sugary, starchy confection and hours of jumping will lead to a peaceful rest. I'm also hoping that she'll have the best birthday ever, and that no one/anything will rain on her parade.

Man, I cannot believe I've been a parent this long. . .time flies bruh.



I know what you're saying while reading this. . .Jasmine you're only twenty-seven what are you thinking about, fam? I get that I'm not exactly thirty yet, but I also know that I'm no longer six years away from that milestone either. Now that I feel like a "real adult"* I've gathered different perspectives from my life experiences and have compiled them into things I'm embracing as I near thirty.

It's ok if you haven't reached your career goal yet -  Seriously, this was one of the bigger things I had to come to grips with and accept. I learned that it is absolutely ok if I or "you" have not obtained a degree  or that coveted position yet. You (or I) are not less than anyone who has achieved that milestone. stop comparing yourself to others achievements. your reward will come in due time.
Don't sweat the small stuff - I've heard this quote my entire life and honestly, I didn't take heed to it until I became a mother. My oldest taught  me  in her own way how to learn patience, & unexpected adjustments and with those lessons I took it and applied it to other parts of my life. I have a not so great habit where I can get frustrated if things I've organized don't go exactly the way it's been planned. It's ok now, "breathe, stretch, shake and let it go". 

 Give people their roses while they can still "smell" them - To clarify, I am extremely grateful for the friends and family that God has placed in my life, but I also can admit that with life, we often become so busy that even those friends and family can unintentionally be placed on the "back-burner". So many people have left this world this year unexpectedly (I understand that death, like life is a continuum) I'm learning even more to make time for  talks and hilarious group chats and meet-ups, to not become so engulfed in work that I miss my kids growing up before me.  To appreciate the date nights that My hubby and I are able to have. to give my mom and dad a call and let them know I'm ok.
Communication is effective and necessary - In reference to relationships, both intimate and professional, I've learned that open and constant communication makes a world of difference. One of the major reasons I believe that couples and business partners encounter issues is because of lack of communication and fear of offending the other partner. Creating a healthy dialogue helps foster good communicative habits. Don't make the mistake I used to do by holding everything in because of fear of not sparing one's feelings. If the relationship/partnership is true, then there should be no reason not to express your issues.